Mavic iO Rio Tubular Track Wheel - Front
Mavic iO Rio Tubular Track Wheel - Front

Mavic iO Rio Tubular Track Wheel - Front

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The No. 1 choice of Olympic and world champion track racers, this carbon flyer is crafted with a wind-slicing 5-spoke design and wider rims for maximum stiffness and aero performance

First introduced in 1996 and continually improved over the past two decades, the iO RIO has won more Olympic track medals than any other wheel in the world. The latest generation iO RIO, updated for the last Olympic Games, delivers an even greater competitive advantage. It features a wider rim to better integrate the slightly larger tubular tires that are now popular with track racers. And each of the five spokes has a NACA profile for further improved aerodynamic drag. The new iO RIO is ready to break its own records.

Unbeatable aero performance shaves seconds off your time.
New wider elliptical rim shape. 5 aircraft wing spokes for lower wind resistance.

Engineered stiffness for sharp steering and maximum power transfer.
Wider rim for maximum stiffness. Monobloc construction. Woven 3K carbon fibre.

Roll faster with greater efficiency.
Tubular rims and interchangeable QRM cartridge bearings minimise friction.

QRM (Qualité de Roulements Mavic) - Mavic only uses high quality sealed cartridge bearings. On QRM wheels, they provide high durability thanks to double sealing (2RS or LLU) as well as high efficiency thanks to C3 internal clearance (low play, tight tolerances).

Wheel Body
5 aircraft wing shaped spokes
Woven carbon fibre
ETRTO size: 28" tubular
Weight: 750g (-/+ 2%)

Hub Body
Body: Aluminium
Axle material: Aluminium
Sealed cartridge bearings: (QRM)
Mount Type: Tubular Tyre
Axle Type: 9mm QR (Bolt on)

Intended use
For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels doesn’t exceed 120kg system weight.
Recommended tyre sizes: 18 to 25 mm
Max. Pressure: see indication on wheel and tyre. If they differ, use the lowest of the 2

Fixing nuts
Valve extender
Wheel bag
User guide

This wheel does not have brake tracks, so it is only suited for track bikes. Any other use (such as on a road bike, single-speed, fixed gear, tandem, cyclo-cross bike or off-road use...) is highly discouraged. In case of non-compliance the Mavic warranty expires.

Clean with a dry cloth or soap and water. Do not use pressurised water.