Come & Try Track!

What is it?

The Anna Meares Velodrome is a Brisbane-based world class venue, nestled in Chandler at the Sleeman Sport Complex. The AMV is Queensland's only indoor track and was constructed and completed in late 2016 for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Since it's completion, the AMV has been host to the AusCycling Australian Track Nationals, as well as hosting the Oceania Track Championships, UCI World Cup events, Six Day Events and now some local home-grown events. It is a 250m indoor timber track and is constructed from 100% Siberian Spruce timber. The AMV is an ambient climate velodrome, meaning that there is no Air-conditioning or climate control in the venue.

Why do we love it?

Track Cycling is an incredibly social sub-section in cycling. When you're on the track, it's high intensity, high energy, action packed fun. The minute you step off the track into the infield, you're surrounded by like minded individuals who are usually sitting around having a chat whilst they wait for their next race. It's no different at training and for many people training with a club is what they love - more than racing.


Track racing caters to a lot of different people with ranging ages and abilities and is a perfect gateway for kids, as well as being a successful way to keep the best Masters women and men active on the bike.

As a racer, you're engaged both on and off the track, and for the majority of riders, they leave their ego at the door. They're there to enjoy themselves and to push their ability.

Our store has supported World Champions, Olympic Athletes, Paralympic Athletes, as well as our up and coming Junior riders, we live and breath Track. How could we not love this sport when we are graced in store by some of the best in the world.

Track cycling is an inclusive sport. Racing and riding options are available at AMV for a range of ages and abilities from under 9 Juniors through to Elite and Para athletes and Masters Men and Women.

Ok, enough of that! Back to the info...

Where is it, and how do I get there?

The AMV is located around 13km from the City, within the Sleemans Sport Complex at Chandler, and is accessible by bus and by car.

What's included, and what does it cost?

Cost: $20 per Session
Bike Hire: Available, or bring your own (more info below)
Insurance: Provided with Licence (more info below)
Coaching Advice: Yes
Duration: 1 Hour of Track Time
Race Licence: Required

You will require an AusCycling Membership "Race" or "Lifestyle" to participate.
Alternatively you can sign up for a 4 Week Free Trial to help get you going.

If you're signing up for a licence, we recommend you nominate with the University of Queensland Cycling Club, as we sponsor the club! Not only that we also race as a part of the UQCC Track Team.

After completing your "Come and Try Track" session with a qualified AusCycling coach, riders will need to pass an accreditation session, to show they can safely ride with others. This is essential if you wish to continue training or want to begin racing on the boards.

Pictured above: Ely and CJ talking with AusCycling Coach Louise Jones - Commonwealth Gold Medalist.

Sign me up! I am ready!

Upcoming Come and try days are available here.

The bike related questions!

This question has come up a few times and it's pretty simple. A track bike is a bike without gears and brakes, designed specifically for use on a Velodrome. A track bike has a fixed wheel, meaning that you control your speed by cadence. Choosing the right gear is an important part of the step. Slowing down is not a drama on the banking of a track and is extremely safe and easy to control.


"I already have one.... what if I want to bring my own bike? what does it need?"

For Adults... Approximately 84-94 Gear Inch (Metric 6.6m - 7.6m Rollout) for those playing at home, 48x15 - 53x15 are good options, depending on your level and ability. If you're not sure where you slot in, pop down and have a chat.

For Kids... There are some limits, but the benefit to the come and try days is that the coaches will be able to help you a little bit here.

Fresh Tyres (Never ridden on the road), a spotless chain (free from excess oil & lube) and a clean frame. You must remove your brakes and it must be set up fixed, with a lock ring.
Drop bars with grip tape and bar ends are essential.

Alternatively, if you're not sure, pop in to the shop and we can do a quick inspection to make sure it's setup safe and sound.

Some of the common questions (and rebuttals)!

"Is it a good opportunity for kids?"
Absolutely, it's a great way to get your kids involved in sport and a way for them to meet other like minded kids.

"Is there an age limit?
No-one is too young or too old to try track. As long as you're a competent rider on the road, you'll do fine on the track.

"What if I don't like it?"
Better to try and to know, rather than the.... "what if?"

"Why should I try track, it's just riding around in circles?"

If you've ever raced a crit, you would have experienced riding around in circles, the benefit on a velodrome is that you can do it at a much higher pace and learn skills which help benefit you in race scenarios on the road.

"Anyone can ride a velodrome..."
You are right, anyone can do it, so what's your excuse?

"It looks boring!"
Boring is a state of mind. We'd much rather sit at the velodrome for 4 hours watching action packed racing than lining up on the road side to watch a Peleton fly past once during a stage race. Track is a sport for both the racer and the spectator.

"I rode on the outdoor by myself once and I didn't enjoy it"
Sorry to hear that! It's more than likely you'd enjoy the indoor.

Images provided courtesy of Mat Gilfedder.