New Way to Pedal The Oregon Trails

Shonen Knife - Banana Chips

We've got a big bag of Banana Chips in store today.  Mention it in conversation for 10% off

New Nine Inch Nails Single - Less Than

The projects of Trent Reznor and his have impacted my life since I was a young child watching MTV, to lost runaway teenager, then on the road as a messenger and now in the shop.  I've seen him perform twice and was blown away to find the the depths within both times.  New single just came out. I'm hoping for a new tour and another chance to be learn from his creations.

Run The Jewels - Don't Get Captured

Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out

Danny MacAskill's got a cool new video out.  The water bit reminds me of when I rode through waist deep hail water.  His trick is much slicker than mine though.

Transsemenic fixed gear challenge

Surviving the First New Belgium Oregon Ramble Ride! - (Bikepacking in Central Oregon)

One Cyclist Has Had Enough of Dealing With Cars in His Grill

Bikestock Vending Machines

Just found out about these bike parts vending machines that BikeStock do in NYC.  Cool concept but I don't know if my landlord would want one out front of the shop all the time,