Changing Gears PT.4 - Accelerated Evolution
Often when you think about Evolution you think about a microbe in a basin of water transforming from a single cell and transforming into a fully fledged human... In our case we're on a different tangent, the evolution of the...
Changing Gears PT.3 - The Canvas
Nothing evokes ideas more than a working on a blank canvas, and lucky for us we had a really fresh set of ideas on a very empty and clean space. Up until now we had been in the design phase...
Changing Gears PT.2 - The Cover Up
After a fast paced demolition, Kieran, David and I all worked pretty hard to prepare the space as quickly as possible to aid in the re-fit we had planned. Do you think that worked out as planned? Of course not......
Changing Gears PT.1
Like all great things, change is inevitable... for better or worse.Our change was a little different and we wanted to share it with you. On January 30th of 2019, we finalised handover of the business and began an overhaul. What...
Vittoria Tyres
You know it, we are merchants of speed. This set of tyres for BNE Local Cameron Campling - UCI 2017 World Masters Team Sprint Champion.
Put your faith in something you can trust, Vittoria tyres are our choice and the choice of the champs!
Cinelli Zydeco Gravel Basher
The Zydeco is Cinelli’s triple-butted Columbus aluminum gravel racer and adventure bike, with a maximum tyre clearance of 700cc x 42. In keeping with Cinelli’s heritage, the Zydeco’s handling and geometry feel decidedly more aggressive than a typical gravel bike,...
Love is Love -Equality Alleycat Saturday October 14th

Supporting this ride for equality and love on Saturday October 14th

Come ride yo bike and get into the spirit to raise some funds for equality 


THE Bicycle Network has just announced it’s reviewing its position on mandatory helmet laws.

Article in the Daily Telegraph today

Featured this video and a writeup on the changing position of the Bicycle Network on it's position on helmet laws.

Shonen Knife - Banana Chips
We've got a big bag of Banana Chips in store today.  Mention it in conversation for 10% off
New Nine Inch Nails Single - Less Than
The projects of Trent Reznor and his have impacted my life since I was a young child watching MTV, to lost runaway teenager, then on the road as a messenger and now in the shop.  I've seen him perform twice and was blown away to find the the depths within both times.  New single just came out. I'm hoping for a new tour and another chance to be learn from his creations.
Freestyle Wheel
Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out
Danny MacAskill's got a cool new video out.  The water bit reminds me of when I rode through waist deep hail water.  His trick is much slicker than mine though.
Transsemenic fixed gear challenge
Transsemenic fixed gear challenge.Rider: Pataki Farkas Cool Video from Fixed Gear Challenge.  
Bikestock Vending Machines
Just found out about these bike parts vending machines that BikeStock do in NYC.  Cool concept but I don't know if my landlord would want one out front of the shop all the time,
Bicycle Swap Meet 10am – 2pm, 2nd July 2017
Brisbane’s newest Bicycle Swap Meet, organised by TRACTION, will be held on July 2nd. ALL TYPES OF BICYCLES AND PARTS ARE WELCOME.