Wheelsets - Custom

All our custom wheelsets are hand built to order here in Brisbane. If you have been dreaming up something special, please contact us to discuss how we can build something bespoke for you.

If you've ever asked yourself "Why would I get a custom wheelset built?", then we are glad you landed here.
Our answer is simple, "We can tailor the ride quality to suit your needs".

We often meet customers who are outside the standard bell-curve in cycling, and off-the-shelf options don't always suit these riders. Some of our hill-climbers chasing lightweight builds can get away with a lightweight, low spoke count wheel, but the same cannot be said for our Clydesdale Track Sprinters who are dropping upto 2000w. The same wheel cannot be used for both riders as it will provide a compromise in quality, or result in a wheel that will not last.

It's why we always recommend and design wheels built specifically to suit you.

Contact us for more information.

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