YBN | Silca Pre-Wax | SLA410 Track Chain - 116L - Gold

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This chain has been ultrasonic cleaned and hot melt pre-waxed in an ultrasonic cleaner to optimise your chain for long life and to provide a superior ride.

We recommend purchasing a top up bottle in either 120mL or 240mL when you purchase this product.

SILCA Secret Chain Blend (Hot Wax) brings all of the super speed and silence of our Super Secret Chain Lube in a hot-melt wax-dipped chain.  Secret Chain Blend also utilises the world's fastest, most lubricious additive, nano-scale Tungsten Di-Sulphide. NanoPlatelet WS2 has less than 1/3 the dynamic coefficient of friction of PTFE and 1/4 that of Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2).

YBN SLA410 Track Chain

The YBN SLA 410 is a game-changer for track chains! Its efficiency is unmatched, hitting a mere 3.6w loss at peak performance after breaking in with race treatment, as tested by Adam at Zero Friction Cycling. Second to this, the efficiency gap doubles every 250w, giving it a significant 10w advantage around the 1000w mark.

Not just efficient, the SLA 410 flexes its muscles with over 10,500 newtons in tensile strength – a whopping 10% stronger than Izumi Super Toughness. And it's a lightweight champ at ~280g grams for a 106-link length, when compared to the Izumi Super Toughness coming in at ~384g.

These chains are used by the KNWU (Dutch Cycling Federation) on the bikes of the World Team Sprint Champions, which include, Roy van den Berg, Harrie Lavreysen and Jeffrey Hoogland, aka Mr 55.433.

In summary, the YBN SLA 410 dominates in speed, weight, and strength – a clear top pick for those seeking a faster, lighter, and stronger track chain.

Weight: 308g (Cleaned - 116 Links)
Colour: Gold
Size: 1/2" x 1/8"
Chain Standard: 410