White Industries Premium Single Freewheel
White Industries Premium Single Freewheel
White Industries

White Industries Premium Single Freewheel

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If you’ve been riding Single Speed or fixed at any point in your life, you know the quality that comes from White Industries. We have all owned one, and then donated it to a friend many years on – still in the same condition it was when we bought it. To build on this, if they wear they are in need of a rebuild - It's easy to do and that’s what makes them a world favourite.

In 2002 Doug White decided the world needed a better freewheel.  Until then single-speeders seemed to be content not knowing if their freewheel would last a week or a year, or fail a mile away from home or hundreds of miles. But what was certain was failure. Overnight the ENO freewheel became the standard to measure everything else against.

Starting with a driver made from heat treated 4130 steel that houses 3 heat treated S7 tool steel pawls (6 on the Trials model), we add an 8620 steel case-hardened and electroless nickel-plated outer gear turning on an Enduro chromium steel bearing.  We basically designed all the weak links out of the system.  And because everything wears out eventually, we designed them to be rebuildable.

Standard single and DOS freewheels feature 36 points of engagement while the Trials freewheels utilize a thicker outer gear (the base, not the teeth) and 72 points of engagement to make those insane moves a little easier to pull off.

Our freewheel bearings are ABEC 3 or 5 grade depending on freewheel type, are made from chromium steel, and use a special Mobil XHP222 extra high pressure grease.

Freewheel Type: Single (36 point engagement)
Freewheel Sizes: 16T, 17T, 18T, 19T, 20T, 21T, 22T, 23T
Cog Material: Heat Treated and Plated 8620 Steel
Cog Width: 3/32” Tooth Cut
Suits: 3/32” (16-23T) & 1/8” Chains (17-23T)
Thread Pitch : 1.37” x 24TPI (ISO)
Lockring colours: 16T (Blue), 17T-23T (Red)
Chainline Info: All freewheels are 18.4mm wide, 9mm from inner of thread.
Service Tools: Pin spanner (Park Tool SPA-2) with 2.3mm/.090” ends

IMPORTANT NOTE - 16T will not work on a 1/8” Chain.
The 16T freewheels do not have enough room below the teeth to allow a 1/8” chain to fully engage the teeth which will result in premature wear and possibly damage your chain and cause increased wear on your chainring as a result. The bearing and driver size do not allow White Industries to make the base any smaller.