Velobike Track Straps - Gen2
Velobike Track Straps - Gen2
Velobike Track Straps - Gen2
Velobike Track Straps - Gen2
Velobike Track Straps - Gen2

Velobike Track Straps - Gen2

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A must-have for sprint track cyclists. Ensures your feet are securely fastened to your pedals to eliminate pedal pull and increases power transfer — especially on the upstroke.

We are up to the third generation of the Velobike track straps. This updated design takes insights from the previous iterations for a further improved user experience and integration with various pedals and shoes.

A custom woven nylon webbing has been developed for improved strength while reducing its profile for reduced frontal area. The 30mm wide webbing concentrates the force on the shoe - making for a more secure feel.

Bespoke one-piece stainless steel buckles have been ground-up design and geometrically optimised for greatest strength while limiting added weight and bulkiness.

Dozens of Hook and Loop samples were tested to enhance the straps user experience. The selected hook and loop velcro system provides the best balance between adhesion, durability, easy removal and a low profile for reduced frontal area and to easily sit under shoe covers.

Pair with Velobike Track Strap Mounts for the optimal sprint strap experience.

Will fit most road pedals with a traditional spring system, including:
Shimano SPD-SL Pedals
Look KEO / Classic Pedals (Not Blade)

Multi-directional mounting options
Custom woven 30mm non-stretch nylon webbing
One-piece stainless steel buckle
Hook and loop retaining system
Fits a wide verity of shoe sizes
Embroidered eyelet system for increased durability

1x Pair of straps (2x straps in total)
4x Zip-ties

The straps are multi-directional, each strap can be mounted on each pedal in both directions. The straps can be mounted so that either the strap opens inwards (towards the crank) or outwards (away from the crank). Decide on the preferred direction prior to install.

Each strap requires 2x zip ties to fix it to the pedal (zip ties supplied). Pass the zip ties through the two inner eyelets - from the outside (loop side) of the strap.

Thread the two zip ties through the slots in the pedals beside the pedal springs. pass the zip ties around the outside of the pedal and back through the outer two eyelets on the straps.

Tighten the zip ties and trip the excess.