Velobike Skat Handlebar Grips
Velobike Skat Handlebar Grips
Velobike Skat Handlebar Grips

Velobike Skat Handlebar Grips

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Grips for the Skat Endurance Handlebar — the apex of user centred design specifically for endurance track cyclists. 24 months of collaborative research and development with elite endurance athletes and national federations, the Velobike Skat handlebar emerges as a ground-breaking accessory for the Olympic-level track cyclist.
The Grips

Our patent-pending interchangeable hood grips, a testament to modularity and adaptability, allow for unmatched customisation specific to the users needs.

Each grips is designed to fit within the UCI ruleset

Custom grips are able to be developed in collaboration with athletes and federations to optimise their bike fit and performance.

Grip A: For riders who do prefer a more traditional hood. Its low profile design is primarily to cap off the mounting recess for a flush finish. A shallow hump provides some support for the athlete to rest on - especially during recovery periods, however the low-profile nature is to keep the protrusion out of the way.

Grip B: Replicating a road bike hood grip position. A hook on the top adds support for 2 fingers to hook underneath for further grip security. A hole through the centre reduces frontal area when the rider is in the drops. The hole energises airflow behind the grip and across the forearm.

Grip C: An aggressive narrow position with the hoods angled inward. The rider grips the handlebars in a sphinx type position where the riders fists are clamped horizontally. The grip position narrows the frontal area of the rider for further optimised aerodynamics.

Modular grip system for the Skat Endurance Handlebar
UCI legal (Homologated for Paris 2024)
Left and right handed

1 Pair of Grips

For a comprehensive understanding of the Skat Endurance Handlebar, including installation and care instructions, please refer to the Skat Endurance Handlebar User Manual.

Velobike Skat Handlebar User Manual