Velobike Shrink Wrap Grip
Velobike Shrink Wrap Grip

Velobike Shrink Wrap Grip

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Maintain a low profile, clean and tactile grip with non-slip shrink wrap.

Installation Instructions
Select wrap diameter best suited for your handlebars.
Slide the wrap up the end of the handlebars - work it around to the desired position
Using a heat gun or hairdryer - direct heat around the top edge of the wrap
Providing even heat distribution, work your way down and around the wrap towards the end of the handlebar.
Wrinkles can be teased out as you go
Using a sharp blade, carefully trim the end of the wrap from the opening of the handlebar.
Give the wrap one last once-over of heat to ensure all areas have completely shuck into place to lock it on securely.

Works best on linear tube profiles or gentle curves. If bent too sharply the wrap can wrinkle.
The wrap can be pre-stretched to assist in forming around sharper radius curves
Requires a heat gun or hairdryer and a sharp cutting blade for installation
Caution to not use too much heat on composite handlebars. Excessive heat may damage the composites integrity.
Patience is key for installation. First installation may not go perfectly. We provide enough wrap to give it a few goes if not 100% satisfied with the result

800mm length
1mm Thickness
Available in 25mm and 28mm diameters
25mm - Pursuit extensions and smaller diameter handlebars
28mm - Most drop handlebars
Rubber infused non-slip textured surface
Shrinking temperature 55°C - 105°C