Velobike Elite Titanium Track Sprocket

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When it comes to maximum style points, nothing surpasses a gold sprocket!

The gold colour isn't just for show or 'track cred', it is a high-tech tool grade titanium nitride coating. The coating increases the hardness of the surface of the sprocket - reducing its coefficient of friction and how easily the surface deformed under loads.

Precision CNC machined
Titanium Ti-6Al-4V
Tool grade titanium nitride coating
Laser engraved graphics
Sizes 12-20 Tooth
1/8" and 11/128" Chain widths available
Standard 1.37"x24tpi thread
Material recess on front face for further weight reduction
Weight: 12T - 15g, 13T - 19g, 14T - 23g, 15T - 27g, 16T - 31g, 17T - 35g, 18T - 41g, 19T - 46g, 20T - 50g
Pair with Velobike Sprocket Spacers for greatest chain line efficiency