Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar
Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar
Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar
Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar
Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar

Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar

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Engineered for champions, the Altias Sprint Handlebars are specifically designed in collaboration with world class sprint track cyclists who demand nothing but the best. The Altias Sprint Handlebars bring validated wind-tunnel tested performance to the mass market.

Strength and stiffness don't come second to aerodynamics. The Altias handlebars exceed twice the ISO strength requirements, ensuring they can handle the demands of the world's top sprint cyclists.

Built from the highest quality Japanese Toray Carbon Fibre, the Altias Sprint Handlebars are crafted with an unyielding commitment to optimise the balance between modularity and integration. The handlebars come in four different widths - 275mm, 300mm, 325mm, and 350mm - to suit diverse needs and preferences.

A unique grip design works with the riders forearms for an aerodynamic advantage. A 7.93% aerodynamic efficiency gain is measured using with a rider using the Altias Sprint Bars over more traditional styled drop bars such as the Track Sprint Bars.

Various grip positions through the drop ensures rider comfort to maintain an aerodynamic position, The shallow and unique drop shape had gone through dozens of iterations during the development process - testing and generating feedback from many riders at the top level of the sport. the result is a comfortable grip while optimising airflow using trips to enhance the handlebar/rider system.

Standing Starts
Ample wrist clearance for launching out of the start gate.
A 27mm grip diameter reduces grip strength requirements.

Relaxed Race Grip
The grip shape encourages a slightly bent elbow, dropping the riders torso - reducing frontal area.
Air trips around the riders hand direct airflow constructively around and away from their forearms.

Aero Tuck Race Grip
An aggressive grip position where the hand melds into the handlebar surface - closing up air gaps to reduce turbulence.
Air trips guide air around the athletes forearms for improved aerodynamic efficiency.
A subtle flair through the drop encourages an inward wrist rotation. Wrists are supported by the drop grip section of the handlebar.
The riders elbows maintain a tucked in position, reducing the rider from loosing form while fatiguing.

We have spent 24 months creating a system that is a fine balance between being highly modular, while maintaining the performance benefits of an integrated cockpit. As well as the Altias Sprint Handlebars being able to fit with any standard 31.8mm stem such as the Longboi Stem, The bars can also be fitted in a semi-integrated modular Altias system. Compatible Altias bars, stems and faceplates can be mixed and matched in a semi-integrated modular system specific to the athletes fit requirements.

Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebars Exploded Animation
Note: Velobike Altias Argon18 direct mount stem and Altias Handlebar Integrated Faceplates sold separately

Proudly licensed under the New Zealand FernMark, Altias Sprint Handlebars are meticulously wind-tunnel tested to validate their improved aerodynamic performance. The handlebars are the result of a user centred design approach for superior user experience, and a unique harmony of modularity and integration.

4x bar widths
Utilising the full UCI geometry regulations
2x ISO strength certified
Standard 31.8mm stem clamp
Highly ergonomic grip design fostering multiple grip positions
Balance between aero optimisation and modularisation
Aero trips around forearms
Wind tunnel validated during the R&D process
Integration with the Velobike Altias Argon18 direct mount stems (with more stem integrations planned for the future)
27mm diameter grip
integrated bar end aero
New Zealand FernMark Licenced

UCI legal (Homologated for Paris 2024)
Designed and tested to exceed 2x ISO strength requirements
Ceramic gloss finish
Japanese Toray High Modulus Carbon Fibre
Widths: 275mm, 300mm, 325mm and 350mm (centre to centre)
Drop: 73mm (centre to centre)
Reach: Refer to the user manual
ø 27mm oversize grips
5° grip angle
ø 31.8mm stem clamping diameter
50mm stem clamping width

1x Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar
1x Velobike Altias Faceplate covers
4x Velobike Altias Faceplate cover screws

Velobike Altias Stem — Argon18
Velobike Altias Handlebar Integrated Faceplate

For a comprehensive understanding of the Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar including; geometry, installation and integration, please refer to the Velobike Altias Sprint Handlebar User Manual.