Sugino TL-PEG Chainring Backing Bolt Tool

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Sugino’s TL-PEG Nut Wrench keeps Chainring Backing Nuts secure while screwing the front bolt. This tool suits slotted nuts.

1. Place each nut into chainring bolt hole. Thread bolt into nut, but don't tighten them all the way.
2. Fit the tip end of TL-Peg nut wrench into the slotted recess of the nut.
3. Hold the nut secure and prevent it turning while screwing bolt
4. Regarding tightening tool, torque values and other details, observe bolt manufacturer's instructions.

TL-PEG NUT WRENCH is only for holding the nut in position. Turning it may cause the tip end to break and is not covered under warranty.

Many manufacturers vary on their recommended torque setting for chainring bolts. We typically recommend 6-8nm for most chainring bolts, depending on the bolt material. Please check the manufacturers specifications as this is a guide only.