Sugino STI Stopper
Sugino STI Stopper

Sugino STI Stopper

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The Sugino STI Stopper is used for bicycles converted from double to single (1x) setup. It works by installing it on a shifter cable to hold the STI lever (dual control lever) in place and prevent rattling and movement if the lever is bumped.

With the increase of bikes built with wider range cassettes, converting to single front ring is becoming more and more popular, as the combination can provide enough gears for long distance, hill climbs, off-road, etc.

In the event of a crash or great impact, the pressure applied to the lever due to the fall or crash, the stopper will slide down along the cable (and release cable tension), reducing the risk of damage to your shifter.

Material: Stainless steel

1 x Stopper and 1 x Screw

1. Operate the smaller lever and fully release the inner cable tension.
2. Cut the shifting cable, leave the inner cable slightly longer.
3. Install Stopper on the inner cable.
4. Fit Stopper to the outer cable without clearance and secure it with the screw by using a 1.5mm hex wrench