Sugino SG75 (Sugino75) NJS Track Crankset - Silver

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Sugino’s highest quality track racing crankset used and trusted by many of the professional riders, also renowned as being one of the top cranksets in the world. This Sugino75 crankset is NJS Certified.

#401 SUS75 Chainring Bolt Set / Fixing Set
Left and Right Crank Arm

BCD:  144mm
Crank Taper: SG75 Taper
Crank Lengths: 165mm, 167.5mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
Chainline: 42mm (BB-SG75 Series)
Colour: Silver

Sealed Bearing: Sugino CBB-SG75
Loose Ball: Sugino BB-SG75, Sugino BB-SG75 “SUPER LAP”
Ceramic Ball: Sugino BB-SG75 “SUPER CERAMIC”

As the Sugino75 Series Cranksets use a proprietary taper called "SG75 taper", these cranks must only be used with a SG75 compatible bottom bracket.
For more detailed information, please check: "Important Information on SG75 Taper"
Failure to use a Sugino SG75 Compatible bottom bracket will void your warranty. Whilst many resources online suggest that an ISO Phil Wood bottom bracket is compatible, this is incorrect and will cause damage.