Sugino Carbon Rim Cement Removal Tool

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Tubular Tape & Rim Cement / Glue Remover
Designed specifically for carbon rims

By using on a drill or air tool, you can clean the glue build-up off your rims more efficiently.
The roller is made of a composite rubber, free from polishing agents and abrasive
Grain. It can remove adhesive residue without damage to carbon fibre rims with ease.

** Note – Your drill must be capable of 2500-3000RPM.

1. Attach the wheel to your drill or airtool of choice.
*At a low speed, the cleaning work will not be performed efficiently.
2. Tighten the wheel firmly to ensure it does not come loose.
3. Lightly press the roller to the residue on the rim with electric drill/air tool rotating
in the clockwise direction.

1. Please be sure to hold the rim firmly during the work.
2. Always work with caution as the rim may become hot during removal. Excess heat will affect the carbon fibre.
3. Please don’t hold the roller / caramel wheel too long on any one spot on the rim when using it on
air tool or electric drill, as it may delaminate the wheel.
4. Don’t use the roller when it is worn to the “line”.
5. Improper use may damage your wheel. It is best to start lightly

If you are unfamiliar with this type of tool, we DO NOT recommend you purchase this unit.