SRAM Red22 Aerolink Caliper Brake - Rear

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Your brakes shouldn’t slow you down until you squeeze the levers. That’s why the new SRAM RED Brakeset has been created with a host of wind-cheating features to make the brake body more aerodynamic, helping you keep your speed until the moment you’re ready.

The new patented AeroLink arm reduces frontal area while improving braking performance and modulation. The brake body has been sculpted to provide a sleek aerodynamic profile to the wind. Even the smallest details, like the barrel adjuster, point away from the wind. And to finish off the package, SwissStop Flash Pro pads come standard with the brake. It’s a better brake in every way.

The all new AeroLink arm amplifies braking power while reducing frontal area for a lower CDA, meaning faster riding and smoother airflow. The Aero design extends to the shape of the indexed four-position quick release, the bladed barrel adjuster, low-profile pinch bolts, and recessed spring tension adjusters.

These brakes suit Modern wheelsets with wider clearances.

The all-new SRAM Red Aerolink brakes are lighter, more aero and include pad retainers carrying SwissStop Flash Pro pads as standard!

Weight: 240g
Colour: Black & Silver
Brake Type: Mechanical (Cable)