SkinGrowsBack 3 Point Camera Strap
SkinGrowsBack 3 Point Camera Strap

SkinGrowsBack 3 Point Camera Strap

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The 3Point Cycling Camera Strap is the answer to the rider that wants to ride all day with their camera and shoot without having to deal with a standard issue strap.

The padded shoulder strap helps spreads the load while riding. The 3Point Camera Strap is configured to be worn on the left shoulder. Our Magnetic Slide Release stabiliser strap prevents the camera from shuffling around when moving around on the bike. The clip is easy and intuitive to reconnect on the fly. The position of the stabiliser can be adjusted with an easy to grab D-ring.

Two Gun Hooks finish the ends for a tactical look. The camera interface is discrete and can be easily removed. Additional mounts are also available for your second camera.

All up the 3Point is going to take the sting out of a full day of riding with your favourite camera.