Silca Spare Part #741 - Leather Piston Gasket

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What is it?
The 741 Leather gasket fits late model SILCA pumps with 30mm inner diameter.

Who's it for?
The cyclist who appreciates a long lasting tool and is looking to bring their 2008 or newer SUPERPISTA, SUPERPISTA DIGITAL and SUPERPISTA ULTIMATE floor pump back to like-new condition.

Why We Designed It:
Since the 1960's all SILCA leather gaskets have come from the same leather converting house in the fashion district of Milan, Italy.  For more than 5 decades the same supplier has cut these washers from the excess material left over from the production of exotic handbags, Italian luxury cars interiors, and high-fashion luggage.  A small press is used to trim and pressure-form these leather washers into durable pressure gaskets.
From a purely functional standpoint, inexpensive o-rings are most commonly used in this application, but no o-ring can match the smooth feel and zero-stiction action of a leather gasket.  It is common today to find SILCA leather gasket pumps throughout the professional peloton (especially during the spring classics) as o-ring seal pumps struggle with heat and often are unable to seal once the pump barrel is hot from inflating more than a few wheels.

Fits 30mm internal diameter SILCA pumps
Made from finest quality full grain leather
Produced by hand on the same equipment continuously since 1960
2.50mm thick leather
Hand-crafted in Milan, Italy

We recommend buying some Silca Pump Lube with this, when rebuilding your pump.