Silca Gravelero Mini Hand Pump
Silca Gravelero Mini Hand Pump
Silca Gravelero Mini Hand Pump

Silca Gravelero Mini Hand Pump

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The Gravelero mini-pump builds from the same hose, chuck, and plunger design of our multi-award winning Tattico pump. Gravelero pushes 35% more air from the same overall length.

The design has been further refined for gravel and off-road use with a smooth outer texture and improved sealing to keep dirt and mud away while making cleaning easy.

Each Gravelero Mini Pump includes a frame mount bracket for a convenient storage location on the bicycle with quick release straps.

The pump is light enough (139 g) to be carried in your back jersey pocket.

The simple design of the Gravelero can be customized either by laser inscription or custom paint. The smooth surface will allow for the perfect canvas to inspire your creative side.

Lightweight, aluminium handle and barrel
Retractable hose
Thumb-lock, reversible chuck for Schrader or Presta
Can pump up to 80psi
Length: 243mm
Weight: 139g
Includes direct-mount bracket with retaining strap