Shimano HB-7600 Dura-Ace Track Hubs

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Shimano’s most premium high flange track hub needs no introduction, the HB-7600 is a true classic of its time, and still as popular for use on the track and the street. The HB-7600 is NJS approved in the 36H version only. These hubs are amazing everywhere - the track or street, but when used outdoors require maintenance as they use non-contact seals and are a loose-ball (cup & cone) bearing.

Finish: High Polish Silver Alloy
Decals: Black

Material: Alloy
Bearings: Cup & Cone (unsealed)

Front Specifications
Weight: 241g (+/- 5%)
Hole Count: 28H, 32H, 36H (NJS)
Frame Spacing: 100mm – M9x1.0mm
Nuts: Dura-Ace Track Nuts

Rear Specifications
Weight: 313g (+/- 5 %)
Hole Count: 28H, 32H, 36H (NJS)
Frame Spacing: 120mm – M10x1.0mm
Mount: Fixed (1 Side / Single) & Fixed/Fixed (2 Side / Double)
Lock Ring: 1 Included
Nuts: Dura-Ace Track Nuts