Shimano Dura-Ace BB-7700 BSA Track Bottom Bracket

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The Dura-Ace BB-7700 is the fastest and smoothest in the BB-7700/7710 line-up, designed for the Track racer in mind.

Thanks to the inclusion of a lockring and adjustable pre-load cup, this setup allows for a smooth and precise install, allowing your cranks to spin fast and spin smooth when set up. The perks of a BB-7700 doesn’t just stop with its speed, the ability to service and overhaul the 36 (1/8”) ball bearings (Spare Part: Y1TF98020 – alternatively you can use our Ceramic Upgrade kits found here) if you notice any wear occurring. Not only this, the BB-7700 has 36 needle roller bearings (Spare Part: Y1TF98090) which provide unparalleled stiffness for the most demanding situations which can be rebuilt with moderate ease.

We are often asked when fitting these which is the best grease? We recommend the use of either Shimano Dura-Ace Premium Grease, or Motorex FETT2000 – both of which strike an uncanny resemblance to each other – If you need a small amount of either of these, please reach out to us. We don’t recommend the use of alternative grease in these units, as we have seen other grease cause uneven wear as well as a reduced lifespan.
These Bottom Brackets only suit FC-7710 Dura-Ace Track Cranks.

We are often asked if the BB-7710 or the BB-7700 is the best option, and the answer is pretty simple – Do you ride Track or on the Street?
Our handy breakdown below might help you make a decision too.

Sealed Bearings
Suitable for people riding in all weather conditions
Little to no maintenance required
Cannot be serviced
Weight: 244g

Unsealed bearings
Suitable for Indoor track racing (and out-door in fair weather)
Requires yearly maintenance
Requires pre-load adjustment for correct setup – We recommend a skilled mechanic
Fast Rolling
Can be re-built and overhauled by a skilled mechanic
Weight: 173g

Typically, for anyone riding fixed or on the street we always suggest and encourage the BB-7710 bottom bracket.
If you’re a Track rider and only using it on the indoor Velodrome, the BB-7700 is by far the fastest rolling option – when setup correctly.

Bottom Bracket: BSA Threaded (1.37" x 24tpi)
Shell Width: 68-69mm
Axle Length: 109.5mm
Axle Type: Steel
Spindle System: Octalink
Suits: FC-7710 Dura-Ace Track Cranks only
Weight: 173g