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Self Extracting Crank Caps for Square Taper

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Self extracting caps are the perfect solution for the rider who needs ease of access at the track, and doesn't want to carry a crank extractor.

These look great on a street bike and double up as a nice durable alloy cap to finish your build

Thread: M22 x 1.0mm
Crank Bolt: M8 x 1.0mm

Apply grease to the underside of the cap, and install the washer. Apply a small coating of grease to the washer and place the bolt in.
Using a Pin spanner, slowly and carefully thread the cap into your crank arm until it bottoms out. Provided you can still spin the 8mm Allenkey head, remove the cap and apply thread locker (medium strength) and re-install into the crank.
Fit to your bike!