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Seat Post Clamp / Binder Bolt

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Seat Post Binder Bolts are an essential part for frames with integrated clamps.
The majority of vintage and modern hand-built steel frames use these systems, as well as factory built steel frames from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's.
These suit frames which require a keyed binder. Do not use these on a frame without a key-way. You may alternatively file the key off for fitment.

Hex Size: 5MM
Keyed: Yes
Thread Pitch: M6 x 1.0
Shoulder Width: 8mm (M8)

Bolt Thread Length (Inc Shoulder);
8 X 19mm - 18mm (17mm inc Washer)
8 X 22mm - 20mm (19mm inc Washer)
8 X 25mm - 23mm (22mm inc Washer)

Key Side Length;
8 X 19mm - 12.8mm
8 X 22mm - 14mm
8 X 25mm - 14mm