Runwell GAUGE42S NJS Chainring Gauge
Runwell GAUGE42S NJS Chainring Gauge

Runwell GAUGE42S NJS Chainring Gauge

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Essential at Keirin inspection yard. The development of this gauge began with our hope that Keirin riders perform at their best.

NJS CHAINRING GAUGE measures the "42mm±2mm standard" in NJS Keirin track bikes. As shown in the photo, place the V-groove of the gauge on the seat tube and check length (42 mm wide) from there to the centre of the elongated hole on the right side. If the installed chainring is positioned within the elongated hole, it meets the inspection requirements. Especially when using a tapered crank, the tapered part may rub too much and be pushed deeper than necessary. Also, there are cases where the crank is not fully tightened so please use GAUGE42S in such situations and check that the chainring is in the appropriate position. You can also use it to check the chainrings, which may bend due to the impact after a fall.

The material is stainless steel SUS304 (18-8 stainless steel). We have added barrel polishing, which was not done on the old model, to smooth out the cut surfaces and corners that may damage the frame. When checking the bending of the chainring teeth, the old model hit the crank and could not confirm the bending of the teeth on the back of the crank, but by downsizing, it is now possible to turn the chainring. In addition, by widening the V-groove that touches the seat tube, it can also be used on frames with wide seat tubes.

As an aside, since it is a gauge that matching the size of a credit card, we laser engrave the logo mark with the motif of the design of the IC chip of the credit card. It's a bit of playfulness.

Advisor: Maebashi Velodrome Keirin Inspector, Kenji Ishii (The owner of Sunlight Yellow)

Be careful not to damage the frame with the corners of the gauge.

This product was manufactured as a gauge for inspecting NJS car bodies. Please note that accurate measurements may not be possible depending on the design width of the BB shell.

Depending on hubs, the sprocket position may be different. In that case, please be aware that even if you check your chain line with this product, the chain line may not be visible.