Runwell HOGA15A Titanium Wrench
Runwell HOGA15A Titanium Wrench
Runwell HOGA15A Titanium Wrench
Runwell HOGA15A Titanium Wrench

Runwell HOGA15A Titanium Wrench

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HOGA15A is a bespoke 15mm wrench formed by hot forging a titanium alloy, something which is commonly used in aircraft, rockets, and artificial joints such as prosthetics. Its shape is the same as the AQUALA15, however its weight is around 40% less, all whilst maintaining the material hardness of JIS standards. This unique blue and yellow colour is the result of a heat treatment, done by the team in house at Runwell. Each wrench has a vastly different look, so please be aware that the images on our website will reflect a single wrench, and yours may vary a bit.

Runwell’s regular 15mm wrench, one of the most utilise and popular tools among professional mechanics around the world, thanks to its uniquely shaped grip.

HOGA15A is a 170mm long hub nut wrench for 15mm nuts that is easy to apply torque but without overdoing it. Its 12-point profile avoids damaging the nut's edge. There is a 15° angle designed to prevent fingers from being caught between the fork leg and the tool when in use, something many modern track frames require.

One of the greatest features of HOGA15A is its comfortable handle shape when applying torque, which is highly valued by Runwell customers. The comfortable grip shape, made possible by hot forging, is a standard design that realises Runwell's slogan of "Ideal Qualia."

The A in “HOGA15A” stand for AQUALIA, which is a combination of the words AQUA and QUALIA, expressing the spanner developed for a water-like texture that is friendly to your hand. This smooth mirror finish is the result of careful polishing by a professional polisher. We hope you also feel the pleasure of owning this.

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Length: 170mm
Weight: 73g
Material: Titanium Alloy
Colour: Titanium with Blue/Yellow Burned end.