Runwell Elite Hub Nut - Black/Gold - M9 (Front)

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The Runwell Elite Hub Nut.
We are super proud to have worked with Runwell to aid in developing the all new Elite Hub Nut.

These Wheel nuts were designed to interface perfectly with a Runwell Drip15, Aqualia15 or Vatto15, which share a common 10mm head depth. Not only does this nut feature an extremely low weight, but it also is one of the lightest in the industry whilst having what we believe is the most amount of thread purchase of a commercially available aftermarket Track Nut. This is achieved by designing the thread interface to begin at the lowest point possible meaning you need less material for more thread purchase.

These nuts have been made with a corrosion resistant coating, however if left in the weather may degrade over time. We recommend lubricating these nuts often with Inox MX3 or a similar lanolin based lubricant.

If you own a Mavic Ellipse Wheelset, these nuts will do both FRONT and REAR as the Ellipse uses M9 Front and Rear Axles.

Colour: Black & Gold
Thread: M9 X 1.0mm (Front Hub)