RK Hyper Toughness Track Chain - 1/8" - Gold - 130 Links
RK Hyper Toughness Track Chain - 1/8" - Gold - 130 Links
RK Takasago Chain

RK Hyper Toughness Track Chain - 1/8" - Gold - 130 Links

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With the understanding and needs of Track Sprinters, RK’s Hyper Toughness chain increased on the proven designs from a handful of manufacturers and increases the stiffness over most conventional chains. Developed in conjunction with the Malaysian National Cycling Federation, RK Takasago Chains raise the bar with the Hyper Toughness Chain, developed and optimised for use on their Chainrings.

The RK System offers two unique offerings over market competitors
1. Developed to run with RK’s Hyper Toughness Chainrings and RK’s Ti Coated sprockets for maximum efficiency when used as a system.
2. Approximately 10% lighter than other market leading brands chains, reducing drivetrain weight in the rotating mass.

Looking to pair this up? RK Takasago Chains, Chainrings and Sprockets are here.

Used by two of the strongest in the world, Azizulhasni Awang & Muhammad Shah Firdaus Sahrom, you know these are built to be tough, yet provide industry leading stiffness to weight ratios.

Optimised for: RK Takasago Chainrings and RK Sprocket Systems
Compatible: With all 1/8” Chainrings and Sprockets
Type: 410 Chain
Roller Profile: 1/8” x ½”
Colour: Gold
Joiner: C-Clip Type
Links: 130 Links
Weight: 372g (with joiner) -/+2%