PRO Vibe Alloy Stem - 1-1/8”

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The PRO Vibe Stem is an AL7075 alloy stem boasting Shimano Di2 integration and availability in two steerer diameters, six lengths and two angle options. Designed to provide you with a better sports bicycle experience the PRO Vibe Stem is available in a range of lengths, in either -10 or -17 degree angles and in version with either 1 1/8 or 1 ¼ steerer diameters. Constructed from anodised AL 7075 is boasts Shimano Di2 integration, features an integrated topcap and lightweight titanium bolts. Length options range from 80- to 130-millimetres, with the longest weighing just 163 grams. The Vibe Stem has 31.8-millimetre clamping diameter and is compatible with the PRO Stem Computer Mount (PRAC0247), which bolts securely to the regular, forward, stem bolts

Material: Anodised AL 7075 Alloy
Integration: Shimano Di2 integration
Bolts: Lightweight Titanium Bolts
Topcap: Included
Angles: -10 and -17 degrees
Lengths: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm
Clamping Diameter: 31.8mm
Weight: Starting at 120g