Pirelli SmartSEAL Cinturato (Gravel & CX) - 125mL

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The 125ml size bottle best suits gravel riders needs for saving space when packing up spares on long adventures.

Gravel, MTB, Urban
Possible Use: Road

Designed to protect against flats and air leaks from thin sidewall bicycle tyres.
Ammonia free - won’t damage the rim.
Latex free and protein free reduced risk for allergic reaction.
Won’t leave sticky residue in the tyre.
Compatible with a wide range of temperatures (-20°C/68°F to 70°C/158°F).
Compatible with a wide range of inflating pressures (1 to 7 bar / 15PSI to 100PSI).
Compatible with CO2 only for an emergency repair on field: CO2 speeds up coagulation so sealant must be replaced afterwards.