Pirelli P Zero Road Folding Tyre
Pirelli P Zero Road Folding Tyre

Pirelli P Zero Road Folding Tyre

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Pirelli widens the P ZERO™ family by introducing the most comprehensive and all-round tyre in its portfolio.  It has been specifically developed as a training tyre for the fastest racers at the World Tour level. Pirelli designed this new tube-type tyre with Evo compound and TechBELT casing technology to give great puncture protection, reliability and comfort at a light weight.

Tread: The tread pattern of P ZERO™ Road features the iconic lightning pattern from the P ZERO™ family and leaves room for a more treaded solution to achieve all-round performances

EVO Compound: High-tech formulation that provides excellent grip and low rolling resistance at the same time, while offering a great balance of mileage and all-round performances

TechBELT Road: The new tube-type carcass developed to provide puncture protection in a wide variety of conditions. A light yet flexible casing structure with an added layer of high cut resistant fabric.

700x24c: 127TPI Casing, 215g, TechBELT
700x26c: 127TPI Casing, 235g, TechBELT
700x28c: 127TPI Casing, 255g, TechBELT

*Rim & Tube not included

We recommend the use of latex tubes or Pirelli SmarTUBE for the best possible riding experience. Please note, over-inflation will result in damage of the casing. Always follow the manufacturers recommend pressure for your System Weight (Rider Weight + Bike Weight) at all times and do not exceed these pressures.