Muc-Off #967 Wet Lube - 120mL

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A brilliantly protective, race-quality lubricant suitable for all types of bikes, Muc-Off Wet Lube is ideal for galvanising chains, cables, shifters, derailleurs, pedals & cleats against the elements.

Ultra-durable and designed for long distance bicycle chains and components, Muc-Off Wet Lube is specifically formulated to excel in wet or muddy conditions. Formulated with naturally derived ingredients, it penetrates deep into your chains links to give ultimate lubrication and protection. Muc-Off's Wet Lube features hard-working 'Extreme Pressure Additives' that cover and coat every part of the link to provide the smoothest available gear change and ultra-efficient drivetrain motion.

Advanced chain oil
Ultra durable, long distance lubrication and protection
Excels in long distance, wet or muddy conditions
Ensures drivetrain is silky smooth and ultra efficient
Repels water and inhibits rust and corrosion
Ideal for chains, cables, shifters, derailleurs, pedals & cleats
Suitable for all bicycles

Size: 120mL
Best Use: Wet Weather Conditions