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You’d have to be mental to ride fixed without the safety of cleats or straps – No worries… We like the crazy ones. However, if you’re looking for a strong, break free pedal strap to keep you secure, the MKULTRA StraitJacket has got you sorted.

Introducing the StraitJacket pedal strap – you won’t be getting out of these on your own. Built of indestructible nylon webbing and tough Velcro, the StraitJacket is the most comfortable and durable solution for riding fixed with flat pedals. This unit is manufactured for MKULTRA by the folks at SkinGrowsBack.

Designed to be a fortified foot retention solution on platform pedals, it's also easy to install and setup. No mess, no fuss, and most importantly, Easy if you need to adjust it. The StraitJacket resists slipping no matter how much power you put through your pedals.

Scuffs, scrapes, and crashes — whatever. Sun, rain, and sea salt — pish posh. Beer spills, pizza slops and mud — not even a mark. The StraitJacket can take it all and keep on smiling.

The MKULTRA StraitJacket is compatible with nearly all platform pedals with two 20-25mm openings on each side of the pedal  - As long as you've got the right holes in the side of your pedal, the StraitJacket will fit and keep you tightly bound.

This strap is wonderful “One size fits all” solution for your pedals.

*Pedals for display purposes only - they are not included