Mavic Ellipse Track Clincher Wheelset
Mavic Ellipse Track Clincher Wheelset
Mavic Ellipse Track Clincher Wheelset
Mavic Ellipse Track Clincher Wheelset

Mavic Ellipse Track Clincher Wheelset

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The everlasting and ever-reliable Mavic Ellipse Track Wheelset.
Reliable aero performance for everyday track training and racing.

Built on 30mm deep aluminium rims that are welded for superior strength, this track-racing wheelset delivers an aerodynamic advantage and proven reliability. Versatile enough for everyday training and racing, the rims are designed for clincher tires. Wide-dish hubs produce maximum stiffness, and solid cartridge bearings laced with ultra-bladed straight-pull spokes form a rigid connection between the rim and hub. The rear hub has a double-sided thread so two cogs can be used on the same wheel, making gear changes fast and easy.

Train and race with a reliable aero advantage.
30mm deep aluminium welded rim offers unbeatable aerodynamics.
Low spoke count (20 front and rear).
Ultra-bladed spokes.

Quick acceleration, maximum power transmission and low rolling resistance.
Front and rear dishes optimized for incredible stiffness.
QRM+ cartridge bearings ensure maximum rolling efficiency.

Change tires and swap gears quickly and easily.
Rear “flip-flop” hub lets you adjust your gearing depending on the track.
Clincher rims for convenient tire changes.

Wheel Weight (Pair): 1895g
Front Wheel Weight: 905g
Rear Wheel Weight: 990g
Recommended tyre Size: 18 to 25 mm
Max. Pressure: 23mm is 125 psi
Minimum cog width: 7.5mm  

For safety, Mavic recommends that the total system weight supported by the wheels don't exceed 120kg.
* System Weight is defined as rider, bicycle, accessories + cargo combined.

The stock factory Mavic nuts are good for most people, however are prone to rust when exposed to the elements. We typically encourage customers to purchase 2 pairs of Runwell M9 Black Nuts to go with their new wheels.