LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset
LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset
LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset
LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset
LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset
LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset
LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset
LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset

LOOK 895 Vitesse Track Frameset

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"The LOOK 895 VITESSE is ready to take on the velodrome. Are you?"

The 895 Vitesse is our latest track frame, the result of LOOK's expertise in carbon fibre design and developed in partnership with the French National Team. Resolutely performance-oriented, the frame stiffness is optimised and features the T20 fork to enhance overall aerodynamics. With multiple adjustment options, the bike is fully customisable: 18 stems lengths, a universal bottom bracket compatible with all track cranksets and a reversible saddle clamp.

Taught lines – Pure speed

Let us introduce the brand-new LOOK 895 VITESSE, the new kid on the velodrome ready to make some waves; and it certainly won’t be on the Côte d’Azur*.

LOOK’s history and reputation has long been entwined with track cycling. From the first track frame ridden to success in Atlanta ‘96 to the medals won in Tokyo aboard the elite T20, our bikes have been at the cutting edge of performance for over 25 years.

Drawing on the success and principles of the previous R96 model, this new track machine is built in-house in our workshops in Tunisia. Using high modulus carbon fibre, the monobloc carbon construction is unapologetically oriented toward aerodynamic efficiency.

Sheer Power

At the front end, it borrows the fork of the T20 and combines it with the integrated, rotative Carbon Track Stem, which is available in 18 different sizes (from 55 to 140mm in 5mm increments) to allow for extremely precise fitting no matter the rider’s position and riding style.

The aggressive design extends into oversized, carefully profiled tubes before wrapping around the rear wheel to reduce drag to an absolute minimum. The seat tube is fully integrated to further improve aero performance, with a dedicated, reversible saddle cradle that allows for custom fitting.

The next level of performance

The 895 VITESSE takes the opening in our range between the T20 and the 875 Madison and fills it with high class, effective performance at a competitive price point. As its name suggests, this is a bike designed for uncompromising speed. A bike that will accept nothing less than winning. When the head and the legs say go, it asks no question but simply answers with the full extent of its pureblood heritage.

The commanding BSA 68mm bottom bracket is ultra-stiff for maximum power transfer and unlike its bigger brother the T20, does not feature the ZED crankset. This means it can be fitted with any track crankset on the market for utmost versatility.

Since LOOK’s beginning in the bicycle world when metals were king, our material of choice has always been carbon. For over 30 years LOOK has developed in its own factories a unique expertise and a vast know-how in the carbon field to reach specific desired properties.

The geometry of the 895 is completely new and perfectly complements the LOOK track product line, namely the T20, R96, AL 464 and 875 Madison. The 895 Vitesse thus offers a geometry resulting from the competition available in 4 sizes allowing a positioning perfectly adapted to each cyclist.

The fork being that of the T20, the frame kit is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible.

The carbon composition of the 895 is a high-end carbon composition using different types of carbon in strategic places of the frame. Up to 20% of HM (High modulus) carbon is used to achieve the stiffness necessary for use on the track. Overall a versatile trail bike like the 895 is 15% stiffer than a road bike frame.

IM carbon (Intermediate modulus 65%) and HR carbon (high strength, 15%) complete this composition in order to provide the frame with foolproof resistance even when it is subjected to the worst stresses often associated with use in competition on a velodrome.

Frame: Full monobloc Carbon Fibre Frameset
Seatpost: Integrated Seat Tube & Seat Mast
Bottom Bracket: BSA 68mm
Fork: LOOK T20 Aero Fork
Handlebar: Not Included
Sizes: XXS-XS, S, M, L
Stem Lengths: 55mm – 140mm (5mm size increments)

Fork & Headset
Stem (Your choice of length at time of order)
Seat Clamp (7mm Round & Oversize)
Saw Guide for Mast
Front Fork Tips for BOLT ON wheels. (Thru Axle Kit not included)

* Notes - Due to it's unique configuration, we recommend you consult with us on geometry prior to ordering as the sizing is not linear like on most bikes.
** Notes - Pro Team Edition in photos. For Côte d'Azur Mat photos - please see here