Lezyne Sport Drive Floor Pump - Black

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Lezyne's Sport Floor Drive is a professional grade steel floor pump with a steel piston. The best part? It's easy to rebuild if it breaks down.

Steel Barrel and piston with tough composite matrix base
Oversized 3.5 inch gauge
Extra-long, high strength hose with composite matrix couplers
Durable, painted finish with varnished wood handle

Included: ABS1 Pro high pressure chuck, Sporting (Ball) inflator attachments.
Rated To 220psi / 15bar
Weight: 1.7kg
Colour: Black

What is the ABS1 Pro High Pressure Chuck?
It's the pump head! Recently it was upgraded and redesigned, the ABS1 Pro further advances Lezyne's classic Flip-Thread Chuck system. It features a 90° design for enhanced function and usability. The highly durable construction is built using machined aluminium and composite matrix materials, with an extremely robust and fluid brass swivel. The chuck quickly “flips” for Presta or Schrader valves and threads on for superior engagement. An integrated Presta valve-core wrench completes the system, providing easy valve core tightening or removal for tubeless systems.