ENVE SES Tubeless Tape & Valve Set

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A tubeless kit needs to be simple and functional, and this is ENVE’s solution. Their tubeless tape is cut specifically to match their rim widths to ensure proper fit. These Tubeless kits include removable Valve-cores for an easy sealant refresh.

SES 2.2 – Suits 25mm Rims
SES 3.4 – Suits 38mm and 42mm Rims
SES 4.5 AR  – Suits 49mm and 55mm Rims
SES 5.6 – Suits 54mm and 63mm Rims
SES 7.8 – Suits 71mm and 78mm Rims

Valve-Core Removal Tool
2 Valves + Lock Rings
Tubeless Tape

Tape Width:
SES 2.2 – 25.5mm
SES 3.4 – 25.5mm
SES 4.5 AR – 29.5mm
SES 5.6 – 25.5mm
SES 7.8 – 25.5mm

These kits may have mismatched Valve heights to best suit your wheels height.
Check your wheel as some AR and non-AR wheels vary rim width and will not be compatible