DT Swiss 350 Classic (J-Bend) Front Hub - Quick Release

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Reliability meets simplicity, exactly according to this credo the 350 hub was developed. The simultaneous engagement of the ratchets and the resulting large contact area provides the aimed reliability. The plugged construction allows easy maintenance without the need of tools. Adaptation to different axle standards or modification of the engagement angle is also possible in a few manual steps.

The DT Swiss 350 is known as one of the most reliable cost-effective and upgradeable hubs on the market. DT Swiss believe in the art of engineering and strive for sophistication in the product development process. Their guiding idea is to constantly push barriers with their in-house developed technologies. Not only that, DT’s factory bearings are incredibly fast and include extremely effective dust shields as well as seals, providing a long lasting low maintenance hub.

We also recommend the DT Swiss RWS Quick Release Skewers to match these incredible hubs.

Material: Alloy
Rim Type: Rim Brake
Axle Standard: Quick Release
Width (OLD): 100mm
Colour: Black with White Decals
Weight: 148g