Croder Modular Axle - 24mm - Alloy

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This axle suits Croder’s Modular crank system and pairs perfectly to their alloy arms.

SPIRIT is the modular crankset that allows you to select the crank arms, axles, spiders, and chainrings separately, combine easily as well as fully customised. SPIRIT provides a solution for cyclists who require shorter crank arms. It's hard to find shorter arms of crankset in the market, especially for women, climbing cyclists and triathletes. CRODER uses aluminium alloy AL-7075-T6 and full CNC machined processing to produce our SPIRIT cranksets. This material can provide SPIRIT a better balance with both strength and intensity. Cyclists can pedal as fast as they want.

Cyclists can not only get a better performance, but also enjoy fluidity with SPIRIT cranksets. Right now, SPIRIT has 9 sizes, 140/145/150/155/160/165/167.5/170/172.5 mm to meet cyclists' different demands for shorter crank arms. With these different sizes, it is more in line with various fitting theories. SPIRIT could enable the development of more crankset components and various chainrings, and also provide more types of bikes with the same platform concept in the future. It is easier to make your own crankset and optimise your cycling experience.

Weight: 99g
Material: AL7075-T6
Process: Full CNC Machined
Axle Size: 24mm
Compatibility: Road & Track