Challenge 700C Latex Tube - 29-38C

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Challenge produces the only seamless 'one-piece' latex inner tubes on the market providing a smooth, balanced ride with no pucker or bump like those found on other tubes. Latex tubes are lighter, thinner and more flexible than a butyl tube, increasing your comfort, lowering your rolling resistance, and helping to prevent flats. The tube also includes a removable core Presta valve making them compatible with both inline and external valve extenders.

The only Seamless ‘one-piece’ latex inner tube on the market
Seamless & smooth, no bumps at the valve,
No “out of round, unbalanced” wheel
Improves rolling resistance and comfort
Strong and extremely elastic, thus very reliable
Improves resistance to punctures
Is lighter weight than standard butyl and some superlight butyl tubes
Has a two-piece removable valve core for valve extender use
Two sizes: for Road/wider Road 19-28mm and for wider Road/Adventure 29-38mm
By far the cheapest way of improving the performance and overall feel of your bike!

Size: 700 x 29-38C
Removable Core: Yes
Valve Length: 48mm