Campagnolo Ghibli 0.9 Tubeless Clincher Track Disc Wheel - Rear Wheel
Campagnolo Ghibli 0.9 Tubeless Clincher Track Disc Wheel - Rear Wheel

Campagnolo Ghibli 0.9 Tubeless Clincher Track Disc Wheel - Rear Wheel

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The new GHIBLI 0.9 represent the maximum of Campagnolo technology applied to carbon wheels specifically for use on the track. Campagnolo has always been on the cutting edge in the development of carbon wheels, a product category where the lenticular wheel presents the most complex challenge. This type of wheel must deliver extreme performance, so every single detail can make the difference between winning a world cup or the Olympics… or nothing. Not by chance then does the Italian Cycling Federation entrust testing and development of the wheels used by the Italian national team to Campagnolo and the GHIBLI 0.9 is the one selected. The extreme evolution of the iconic, multi-award-winning Ghibli family of wheels, GHIBLI 0.9 benefit from a reduced camber angle and resulting smaller front dimensions, for cleaving the air with unprecedented aerodynamic efficiency. This characteristic combined with rolling resistance reduced to a minimum has enabled important results to be achieved in terms of transmitted power, without any change in the width of the bed which is still C21. With GHIBLI 0.9 Campagnolo also confirms the definitive superiority of Tubeless technology over other kinds of tires for track racing, not only in terms of performance but also for the essential contribution it makes to safety.

The innovative design of the C21 bed on the new Ghibli 0.9 means that 23 to 28-mm tubeless tires can be used on the track, something already requested and adopted by the most important riders on the Italian national team. This solution delivers better performance, smoothness, and safety than a tubular configuration.
The tubeless option also brings with it extremely easily installation and maintenance, thanks to its innovative valve design.

The Ghibli 0.9 has been developed with a reduced camber angle, resulting in a smaller front dimension that has an immediate effect on the aerodynamic resistance, a benefit that gains significance as the speed increases.

Tubeless configuration and the new frictionless seal on the iconic Campagnolo C.U.L.T. (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) bearings enable GHIBLI 0.9 wheels to achieve unprecedented rolling levels in bench testing, confirmed on the track with results by today’s top track riders.

Weight: 990g
Spokes: Ghibli is the only wheel in the world constructed without internal support spokes
Hub Bearings: C.U.L.T. Cone/cup bearings system
Axle Standard: 120mm Rear, Bolt-On
Axle material: Steel
Tyres: Clinchers, Tubeless Clincher
Wheel Profile: Lenticular
Material: Aerospace Grade Carbon Fibre
External rim width: 27.4mm
Internal rim width: 25mm

The GHIBLI 0.9 Wheel is completely hand assembled by a Campagnolo® specialist and is 100% checked using electronic instrumentation. This procedure guarantees the maximum performance and reliability of every single Campagnolo® wheel.

Tubeless valve
Valve fixing key
Accessory Sack
Campagnolo Adhesive Tape
Valve Reducer Bushing
User Manual
Padded Wheel Bag