Argon18 Spare Part - Seat Post Plug & Adjuster Bolt

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Seat Post Plug and Height Adjuster for the Argon18 TKO Sprint and Pursuit Frames.

This part should be glued into the bottom of your seat post in order to allow for small adjustments and to reduce load on the seat post.
Second to that, the Plug provides a stop in the frame reducing any chance for slipping during your event.

The #81294 Kit includes a Bolt and a Plug.

Wrap the Bolt in thread-tape and wind in no more than 5mm.
Mix a 2-part carbon-safe epoxy and glue into the base of the seat post once you've cut the carbon post to the desired height
Allow it to set.
After the glue has set, wrap additional thread tape onto the bolt to prevent it moving in transit or if removing.