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1-1/8” Carbon Steerer Expander - 51mm

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An extra long replacement Carbon Expander to suit 1-1/8" Carbon Forks.
We see many forks with tiny expanders which are a problem. Increased surface area evens the load and provide better support to the carbon when a stem is mounted and tightened. This system is suitable for most 1-1/8" Forks.

Black Top Cap
Expander System

We recommend installation of this unit to be done with all interfaces greased, and NO grease on the clamping surface.
Recommended Torque: 8nm
Please refer to the manufacturers maximum torque setting for your forks expander. Over-tightening this unit may cause permanent damage to your fork.

Clamp Surface: 51mm
Internal Height: 61mm
Total Height: 64mm
Lip Height: 3mm
Material: Alloy