Maxxis Refuse 700c Folding Tyre
Maxxis Refuse 700c Folding Tyre

Maxxis Refuse 700c Folding Tyre

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You wanna do skids? This is for you.

The usual manufacturers blurb will sell you on it’s durability and puncture protection…. We often say, “Find us a better tyre for long lasting skid performance, and we will buy it”. The best part about the Refuse isn't just that it suits Fixed Gear setups, but it's quite possibly the most durable tyre we have ridden on.

Now for their spin on one of the best tyres money can buy.

The Maxxis Refuse Folding Road Bike Tyre is the most popular Maxxis training tyre- providing excellent traction, durability and plenty of road miles in any condition. Maxx Shield helps provide a tyre that Re-Fuses to puncture.


  • Diamond knurled slick design
  • MaxxShield for maximum puncture resistance
  • Purpose built training tyre

Tubed Style: 700x23, 700x25, 700x28, 700x32
Tubeless Ready: 700x40

*Tubeless Ready is compatible with Tubeless setups or with Tubes