SRAM XG-1190 Red 22 (11s) Cassette
SRAM XG-1190 Red 22 (11s) Cassette

SRAM XG-1190 Red 22 (11s) Cassette

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XG-1190 is SRAM’s cassette to go with their RED eTAP. Nice new graphics are the addition to the already fantastic cassette which includes the PowerdomeX, StealthRings and X-Glide technologies. As light as can be possible with cut-outs a mix of quality tool steel and aluminium rings to make sure there is nothing unnecessary about it. Paired with the SRAM RED rear derailleur it delivers some of the quickest shifts which double up by being quiet getting you going in the right gear.

PowerdomeX: the heat-treated high-grade tool steel features hollow construction with CNC-machined cogs and rear cut-outs for reduced weight and added stiffness. The result is the stiffest and lightest cassette we’ve ever built.
StealthRing: Specially designed and incredibly durable elastomers placed in between the cassette’s cogs to eliminate vibrations and noise.
X-Glide: Imagine being able to shift smoothly at any time, no matter what. We’re talking full-power shifts. Up, down, whatever the trail demands. The benefit of the X-Glide drivetrain is simple, yet, when you think about it, incredibly impactful to the way you ride. Flawless shifting means you’ll never again compromise your speed and power in unpredictable off-road terrain.

Here’s how we did it
TRUVATIV’s crank engineers threw away the old standards and developed a new chainring geometry from the ground up. They precisely paired the different-sized chainrings and redesigned where and how the chain engages with the rings. By aligning the chainring pick-up rivets to the chain pivot pin—rather than the middle of the chain link—you get double the shift opportunities.
No more missed shifts, ever. X-Glide puts you in THE RIGHT GEAR, right now.