FFG- Skid on the Ice
With all this heat I find it's nice to imagine what it would be like mucking about in the snow like this
Inclusive Meat
I know this is everywhere at the moment but I think it deserves a re-share.  Politically well done Ad for meat.  Anything that helps people get along better that's based on reality gets my support.  Not big on Nationalism but this Ad gets the warm fuzzy's done with a bit of humour.
4ZZZ Subscriber Discount Outlet
I had someone come in a while ago who worked for 4ZZZ and he asked me about how it was going as a 4ZZZ subscriber discount outlet. I had no idea that we were but it sounded pretty good to me.  So if you're a 4ZZZ subscriber bring your card in and you get a 10% discount off products and services storewide
Rap News 32
It's a bit old but I'd never seen it.  I tend to be a bit behind in the news but I love these guys.  News is much better when delivered in rap form.
Rotterdam Fixed Gear

I know it's a different city but these guys are pretty close to Erik.  Miss hearing his accent.  Wanna make it over there one day.

Hello 2017
First trading day of 2017 went down smoothly.  Had another visit from this fellow.  Nelfe, a Venezuelan student with a video blog.  He came in last year with a flat tyre pleading poorness.  So I fixed his flat and didn't charge for labour.  I feature in the end of this video. It was his friends bike and it has been stolen since then.  Always sad to hear of a bike theft.  
Holiday Trading Hours
It seems a bit late to mention it now but gauging from other businesses it made sense to close between Christmas and NYE.  I've got a sign on the door and made a face book post.  Essentially the shop will...
Santa & Elf fixie tricks fails
Fixed Christmas!! from trick track on Vimeo.
Chrome Kadet Messengers in Stock
Just got 2 Night Black, 2 Brick and 1 Ranger Chrome Kadet's in stock.  As well as the Chrome Wallets in all colours.  They've been popular items for Xmas presents.  So if you're wanting one for a last minute Xmas present they've just come in.
Riding Fixed Gear In New York
The best things in life are free... Meet Arslan one of the chillest dudes out here, goes the work and school. Honest working man I must say. He has so much love for bikes and riding them. I don't wanna talk to much about what's going on in the world particularly religion. Just enjoy a rad dude and his style of riding.
Remember when fixed gear races were sketchy and fast with no spandex?
Russia remembers. Check out this video from the Saint-Petersburg crew Sect and see what we’re talking about.
FOLDYLOCK COMPACT - Crafted for Bike Protection
Just backed this project.  Looks like a great lock and very light.  They had a good go of trying to break it later on the page.   Like to see how it stands up to an angle grinder.
Adjustable Cranks for non-standard fittings
I met Ben from Cycle Dynamics today.  He's doing a PHD studying fitting bikes to people who aren't of the standard sizes that bicycle companies don't cater for.  Here is a picture of the custom Colossi  he had built with adjustable cranks that he has for people to ride to try different sizes.
Custom Converse High Tops from David Jones (Local brissie artist not store chain)

I got these in from David Jones today.  Love his work. Custom hand painted Converse High Tops in acrylic with a few clear coats over the top in a size 10.  So these babies are ready to wear if you want to walk in art.  Otherwise they just make a great display piece in the window.

Super Water Cutter
Love to get something like this for the shop.  For those particularly difficult repairs that just need a crazy pressure hose to cut stuff up.
Chrome Industries - A Time For Reflection
Just had a Chrome order come through today.  If you want anything Chrome for Xmas best to get your orders in the next week.
First Week in Heaven
Coming to the end of my first week as owner of Gear and I feel like I'm living in a Heaven on Earth.
Respect our Cycling Sisters
It's an outrage that harassment still occurs in our modern civilisation. We can be better than harassing people based on their biology. We are better. Everyone deserves respect. Anything more than 0% is too high.
77-year-old cyclist tackles Stelvio Pass, downhill, at night with no bars or brakes
This guy is an inspiration.  Seen his old videos from '86 of him riding uphill with no brakes or handlebars.  That he's still going at 77 is nothing short of astounding.  
Everything in its right place
It's my first day as the new owner of the shop and I feel like I'm in the right place.  This video seems to express that in a cycling way.  Erik has popped in a couple of times and reckons I'll be seeing a lot more of him before he goes.  Been meeting some interesting people and helping people with various cycling needs and questions.  It feels good to be where starting as a bicycle messenger 8 years ago has led me.  I loved my life on the bike and now I get to help people with their rides.  This is such a dream come true and I have all the people who've supported me to thank.
Party! - The Gear change

I don't really realise it myself yet but my last days have come at the shop that I started almost 8 years ago. It has been an absolute pleasure doing this all those years but the time has come for me to move back to The Low Lands. Luckily I have found someone more than excited to continue Gear in the person of Craig. I started the shop from being a bike messenger and Craig has also been working on the bike here in Brisbane for years so it's cool that I have found Craig, who wants to continue the shop in the same style, a local community bike shop focussing on urban cycling and get as many people riding in style as possible.  

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