Cool doco of a guy who rode his Bombtrack Beyond a really long way through a bunch of countries.  Amazing how friendly everyone was to him.  Something about being on a bicycle makes people think you're a local.

Ol' Dirty Raven - Conocat Alleycat Miami December 2016

Cutting some slick lines in this video.  A funny squish and plenty of wrong way/middle lane splitting. Don't know what happened in the end there with all the bike throwing.

FFG- Skid on the Ice

With all this heat I find it's nice to imagine what it would be like mucking about in the snow like this

Inclusive Meat

I know this is everywhere at the moment but I think it deserves a re-share.  Politically well done Ad for meat.  Anything that helps people get along better that's based on reality gets my support.  Not big on Nationalism but this Ad gets the warm fuzzy's done with a bit of humour.

4ZZZ Subscriber Discount Outlet

I had someone come in a while ago who worked for 4ZZZ and he asked me about how it was going as a 4ZZZ subscriber discount outlet. I had no idea that we were but it sounded pretty good to me.  So if you're a 4ZZZ subscriber bring your card in and you get a 10% discount off products and services storewide

Rap News 32

It's a bit old but I'd never seen it.  I tend to be a bit behind in the news but I love these guys.  News is much better when delivered in rap form.

Rotterdam Fixed Gear

I know it's a different city but these guys are pretty close to Erik.  Miss hearing his accent.  Wanna make it over there one day.

Hello 2017

First trading day of 2017 went down smoothly.  Had another visit from this fellow.  Nelfe, a Venezuelan student with a video blog.  He came in last year with a flat tyre pleading poorness.  So I fixed his flat and didn't charge for labour.  I feature in the end of this video. It was his friends bike and it has been stolen since then.  Always sad to hear of a bike theft.