• Skin Grows Back D-Lock Loop Black
Skin Grows Back D-Lock Loop Black

Skin Grows Back

Skin Grows Back D-Lock Loop Black

The skingrowsback Lock Loop holds your D-lock in place comfortably with easy access for repetitive use. Ideal for Kryptonite mini D-locks. This is a ‘set and forget’ system.

: Super stiff webbing provides a solid feel while the reinforced belt tabs ensure it lasts even longer. The Velcro closure can be adjusted to suit different sized locks.

: Binding along edge gives a prolonged life.

: The Lock Loop can be run with the Hip Pack Mini on the same side or individually.

: Works well with the skingrowsback 38mm Flexi Belt or 50mm Beefy Belt (recommended for toilet stops).

: This product refuses to die, some of the originals are still in use a decade later.

: 85g



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