Bicycle Flat Tire Repair in 60 secs

Looks promising! Currently I'm changing about 50 customer's tubes a day by myself, this might be the solution... Bit strange that I've never seen this before though.

How to fix your bicycle flat tire permanently in under 60 seconds. It's Easy, Convenient and Quick. Never get stranded on the side of the road again with patchnride.

Album of the week - Frightnrs 'Inna-lovers-quarel'
Easily the most played album this week at Gear Shop. The Frightnrs deliver so much in this EP, definitely worth a lesson if your into anything from Roots-Rock, Reggae, Ska, Punk et. Super easy listening with some super smooth vocals in tracks such a 'Sharron' & 'Which Way'.
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In an absolutely brilliant way Charlie discusses the supposed 'war on our roads' between cyclists and motorists. A MUST SEE!!! Share the road!
Cycling has had a reputation as a dirty sport for decades. But long before the world's top pros were using sophisticated blood-boosting PEDs to win races like the Tour de France, there was a harder, seedier and more dangerous drug running rampant through the professional and amateur ranks. Called pot belge, the drug was a homemade concoction of heroin, cocaine, caffeine, and amphetamines, and it was a favorite of European riders in the mid 1980s.
Don't kill Mia

Save her here.

And read more please.

Via Tracko.
Japan Bicycle Parking :: NEXT LEVEL!
Japan never disappoints when it comes to innovation!
MASH // Climber Club

Diggin these 'Climber Club' patches from the crew at Mash.