Cinelli Mash

We have a few Cinelli Vigorelli, Cinelli Mash SSCX and Cinelli Mash Histogram frame sets left. Here some cool examples of how to build them up from Saadl.

Come check em out here, I always do sweet deals if you turn them into complete bikes.

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New Mission Workshop pack

The Fraction is perfect for housing everyday carry essentials and keeps gear organized with multiple stash pockets and an internal laptop pocket. The Fraction is built with the best military spec materials and construction methods. It includes the same features of our larger rucksacks in a smaller frame, including multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and an internal frame sheet. The internal zippered pocket fits most 13'' laptop computers and larger tablets. Made in the USA. Guaranteed Forever.

Let us know if you're keen on one and we'll get it in! Same with any other Mission product.

BOMBTRACK 2017 Complete Bikes Catalog

The BOMBTRACK 2017 Complete Bikes catalog is now online. Click HERE to see them all.

Personally I'm a big fan, German top quality! There are a few here on sale in store and any other model we can order in for you.

MASH - Larz Wolvh

Another wicked MashSF clip!

Man riding, racing, and just hanging out with Larz is the best. We got to get out and shoot while he visited last winter. It was nice for us to see we could get out with a rider a hand full of times, and make a fun edit. He wanted to come from the woods, so I made him run a little before we gave him Dylan’s bike to ride. Hope to ride with you again soon.

Wanna mash too? Check this and this and this!

Fixed Gear Freestyle - it's still happening

It's looking like a revival of the trick track!

Seen on Pedal Consumption and Locked Cog.

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We still have this one if you want to give it a shot.


Clement Stawicki (France) and Joachim Rosenlund (Norway) competing the world's biggest bikepacking race - the "Tuscany Trail" (Italy). An unsupported bike adventure race of 560km distance, 11.000m of elevation and 530 competing starters. Clem and Joachim both achieved a great 15th out of all riders - but somehow it seems it's far more about the experience than the actual result.

We have a few Bombtracks in stock (on sale), any other model can be ordered for you.

Cinelli Vigorelli Steel Track Frameset

Just saw this on Pedal Consumption

Cinelli is coming out with a steel version of their popular Vigorelli model that will feature Columbus Thron triple-butted steel tubing and a tapered carbon monocoque fork… which looks a bit wonky on that headtube, but I’m sure it will grow on you.

Colorway: Electric Italo


Pedal Consumption is introducing the new 2017 SCRIPT from BOMBTRACK and man, how good does that look!

For now I have another current Script in stock, offered at a reduced price. If you would like one, jump on it because they are almost totally sold out.

Available for pre-order: 2016 Cinelli MASH Bolt 2.0 Frame Set

Pre-order now, within a week and you'll get 10% off!


Friends of Mash

From the Mash site: 

Over the years of shooting videos, there were several friends we would run into while in the streets. We compiled these vignettes into an edit of friends. We love when riders visit from out of town, state or out of the country in a few cases. Hit us up! Let’s get out and shoot.

Wanna MASH it too, check here.


Clement Stawicki (France) and Joachim Rosenlund (Norway) competing the "Tuscany Trail" (Italy) in June 2016: an unsupported bike adventure race of 560km distance and 11.000 m of elevation. More information and photos at


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Complete bike sale

We can get last years SE Bikes and Fuji complete bikes with nice discounts so they're on sale here, starting at $375!!!

Serious track bikes, street fixed gear bikes, single speeds, 3 speeds and even step-throughs

GEAR up for summer!

MASH 2015 Matt Shapiro

From Mash

Matt Shapiro is another one of the Portland crew that moved to SF to further explore art and cycling. His positive outlook inspired us to want to get out and shoot with him on the bike, and what we received was a really unique look of the city, and the way Matt interacts with it. Enjoy.

There's 1 Mash Work frame set left here, some more other Cinelli/Mash frame sets coming soon!

Team Cinelli Chrome @ RHC London N.2

Team Cinelli Chrome at the second Red Hook Crit in London.

We still have a bit of Cinelli Chrome gear, some Cinelli/Mash Work frame sets and more Cinelli frame sets to come soon!


Every once in awhile a rider comes along who continues to push the never ending progression of BMX...We first met Justin Gautreau aka LIL JUICE at the first #chasebornandraised event, and we immediately knew he would be part of our crew...Watch as he handles his biz against the infamous EL TORO and let nothing get in his way, not even a irate women in a golf cart...Welcome to the crew Juice...

Talking about Cult, all colours Vans x Cult waffle grips are in stock now!

Andy Kuno: Streets Of Chrome

New portrait from Chrome.  We place Chrome orders every few weeks and are happy to add whatever you want from them, just let us know. 

Growing up, Andy Kuno helped out at his parents’ black and white film development lab in San Francisco, rubbing shoulders with some of the Bay Area’s most influential sports journalists. While Andy’s interests gravitated more toward skateboards than snapping pictures, spending time in the Giants and A’s dugouts with his dad gave him an innate understanding of how sports photography worked. Andy still carves up the streets on his way to the ballpark.

Complete bike sale, up to 50% off!!!

Time to make some room for fresh bikes on the floor, have a look, click 'Read More' and if you click on the images you can see all the details. All massively reduced in price, starting at $375, only one of each in the size mentioned.

SE Bike 2017


With its 29” wheels and monster-sized frame, the Big Ripper remains the biggest and baddest BMX bike on the streets. Available for order from us now.

Look at the great looking 24" So Cal Flyer after the click.

State Bicycle Co. - Eroica California 2016 - Single Speed

State Bicycle Co. rider Alex Steadman tackles the legendary Eroica ride in Paso Robles, California for an unforgettable journey. To ride Eroica California, you must have a steel-frame bike of vintage look and feel. Preferably a bike from 1987 or before. Alex rode the State Bicycle Co. Retro Re-Issue Copper, with cloth bar tape and Brooks Saddle - single speed - over the 87.2 mile Coastal route with 7368 ft climbing, views of wine-country, the Pacific Coast, and lush rolling hills. At the moment we have a State Bike on sale, complete for $599!

Chrome Industries - Choosing a Messenger Bag

Helpful video's from Chrome. See what we got in stock here and if you can't find what you want let us know and we'll get it in for you.

Click through for some more bag video's.

Cinelli (MASH) pre-orders due now!

People! If you're after a Cinelli or Cinelli MASH frame set for a very decent price, please let us know ASAP, I have to submit the order tomorrow.

Please have a look here to see what I can get, if you click on 'options' you can see the sizes I can get in.