Party! - The Gear change

I don't really realise it myself yet but my last days have come at the shop that I started almost 8 years ago. It has been an absolute pleasure doing this all those years but the time has come for me to move back to The Low Lands. Luckily I have found someone more than excited to continue Gear in the person of Craig. I started the shop from being a bike messenger and Craig has also been working on the bike here in Brisbane for years so it's cool that I have found Craig, who wants to continue the shop in the same style, a local community bike shop focussing on urban cycling and get as many people riding in style as possible.  

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RedHook Crit Milano 2016

So this happened last weekend, the 7th Red Hook crit in Milan. More details here and here.

Who's going to do the Brisbane fixed gear crit?

Brisbane Blast November 20th!

The Brisbane Blast is excited to offer a new activity as part of the criterium program that appeals to a segment of the cycling network.  Fixed Gear racing overseas is growing rapidly whilst here in Australia there are no such events.

Now it is, on the 20th of November!

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Red Hook video's

A few weeks ago the Red Hook crit was held in Barcelona and Locked Cog posted some nice video's from on and off the race, more after the click...

Bastard Krew teamed up with Russia’s Moskovstyle and Polo & Bike racing hard.

Cinelli and Colossi represent!

Race this Saturday!

This Saturday

Gear Shop Brisbane
meet 7pm for a 7:30 start

Don't forget lights, helmets and phones and/or cameras. There will be some food and drinks at finish point but feel free to bring your own.

New Parra works

From Juxtapoz: Works by Amsterdam-based artist, designer, fashion designer, sculpturist and all around super-talent Parra, who is taking part in "Juxtapoz x Superflat."

RHC - London No.2: Directors Cut

The Red Hook Criterium London No.2 was on last week, here the directors cut by the talented Tito Capovilla


Sick race!

SCVDO Genova's 1st event.

Brakeless Fixed-Gear checkpoint race on mixed terrain course (city, hills, mountains, gravel).

Total distance 53km

Via Milano Fixed

Watch the Kiwi's

An unlikely alliance with a world leading Kiwi yachting company may have produced a medal-winning secret weapon for our track cyclists.Cycling New Zealand has unveiled bikes they believe will have a revolutionary impact on the Rio Olympic velodrome. 

Working in secret, Cycling New Zealand combined with High Performance Sport New Zealand, manufacturers Avanti, wheelwrights Southern Spars, aerodynamic experts Kinetic Simulation and Auckland University's wind tunnel in an effort to produce track bikes capable of delivering gold.  More here and here.


Bombtrack rider Stefan “Fish” Vis and his Needle bike got 16th at Rad Race's “Fixed42 World Championchips” in Berlin – a brilliant result, taking into consideration not having a helping team in the back. See Fish’s last 90seconds before crossing the finishing line.

La Petite Course Crit

We wanted to offer Paris the Crit she deserved. Offer a race that would meet the high-expectations of fixed-gear fans, but also introduce this truly unique discipline to newcomers as well. Our ambition was to offer the most beautiful race to the most beautiful city in the world (we are Parisians after all…). A spectacular event, yet responsible. The road is long, and this objective tremendously difficult to achieve, when we look at all the amazing Crits taking place all over the world today. However, in all thanks to you, this first edition of La Petite Course was a true success. A huge thanks to everybody.

Spotted at Milano

Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9 2016

The first of many video edits from the Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9 of last weekend.


Strava Global Bike to Work Day

When you participate in the Global Bike to Work Day Challenge on May 10th, Strava Metro makes your#CommutesCount. Metro analyzes the millions of human-powered commutes uploaded to Strava every week, then partners with urban planners to improve city infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians using anonymized data. 

@brisbanecitycouncil !!!

Bombtrack at the Vast Verzet Bokaal

The dutch "Vast Verzet Bokaal" is one of Europe's major fixed-crit series of 12 races happening throughout the whole year spread all over the Netherlands. Bombtrack will be present throughout the whole season with teamrider Stefan "Fish" Vis, as well as the whole of Team Wit (Cornelius Kersten, Bram Linnartz, Maxim Harteloh, Olaf Wit follow: under the lead of Olaf Wit, creator of our crit-specific NEELDE bike ( that they are all rolling on. For all relevant event information please head over to

Cardiel in Tokyo

With his ties in skateboarding and cycling John is always globetrotting the world to some of the most rad places. He skipped over to the Chrome Tokyo hub a couple months back to spin records at their grand opening before taking to the streets. VHS Mag caught up with him for a quick spot on riding in Tokyo, music and what he’s got coming down the pipe…

From Locked Cog

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

This looks awesome!

Leave your spandex at home and put on your favorite superhero costume for the world’s muddiest bike ‘race’. The Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships are afoot in Victoria Canada and the winning prize isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s a tattoo.


This year the Cycle Messengers World Championships will be in the beautiful city of Paris in August. Check out this nice promo video!

SSCXWC Victoria
Check out this great single speed cyclocross event in Canada, looks like fun!
European Bike Stealing Championships 2015

Gold for Amsterdam!

In Europe, bike thieves are a pain in the neck. So we took a bait bike along with the camera crew to Amsterdam, Rome and Prague to find out which city is the worst. And what happened after someone finallyplucked up the courage to steal our bike? You better watch the whole video to see the show. They never saw it coming!

Seen here.

Brisbane Fixed Gear Criterium!

This is happening tomorrow!

Come watch or have a go yourself, register here!

BOMBTRACK - A Journey Beyond

BOMBTRACK released a lookbook documenting their “A Journey Beyond” bike adventure from Turkey to Iran. A total of 5600km!

Experience their adventure by clicking HERE!